Social engineering clarified: Just how criminals manipulate human habits

Fake it till you make it. One of the easiest-- and also remarkably most successful-- social engineering techniques is to simply act to be your sufferer. In one of Kevin Mitnick's legendary early rip-offs, he obtained accessibility to Digital Devices Company's OS growth servers simply by calling the business, asserting to be among their lead designers, as well as saying he was having problem logging in; he was quickly awarded with a brand-new login and also password.

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Google: Here’s why some people get more phishing emails and malware spam’

Cyber criminals are constantly adapting techniques to distribute phishing emails, but simply having your email address or other personal details exposed in a data breach makes you five times more likely to be targeted. Google teamed with Stanford University to analyse over a billion of phishing emails cyber criminals attempted to send to Gmail users between April and August last year [...]

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Ryuk gang estimated to have made more than $150 million from ransomware attacks

The operators of the Ryuk ransomware are believed to have earned more than $150 million worth of Bitcoin from ransom payments following intrusions at companies all over the world. In a joint report published today, threat intel company Advanced Intelligence and cybersecurity firm HYAS said they tracked payments to 61 Bitcoin addresses previously attributed and linked to Ryuk ransomware attacks. "Ryuk receives a [...]

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