Ransomware Grew over 485% in 2020

Android was especially heavily targeted to spread malware and malicious apps this way, experiencing a 32% growth in reported threats during the 2nd half of 2020. Many of these involved impersonating popular video conferencing software and medical applications, particularly throughout the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hotarus Corp gang hacked Ecuador’s Ministry of Finance and Banco Pichincha

‘Hotarus Corp’ Ransomware operators hacked Ecuador’s largest private bank, Banco Pichincha, and the country’s Ministry of Finance. ​A cybercrime group called ‘Hotarus Corp’ has breached the Ecuador’s largest private bank, Banco Pichincha, and the local Ministry of Finance (the Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas de Ecuador). The group claims to have also stolen data from […]

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Cyberattack Planner – Part 3 – Scams and Fraud

Cyberattack Planner – Scams and Fraud The newer telecommunication technologies might offer countless opportunities for businesses that are small, though they likewise offer cyber criminals a lot of brand-new means to victimize the business of yours, scam the customers of yours and hurt the reputation of yours. Businesses of all sizes must be conscious of the most popular scams perpetrated online. [...]

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Google: Here’s why some people get more phishing emails and malware spam’

Cyber criminals are constantly adapting techniques to distribute phishing emails, but simply having your email address or other personal details exposed in a data breach makes you five times more likely to be targeted. Google teamed with Stanford University to analyse over a billion of phishing emails cyber criminals attempted to send to Gmail users between April and August last year [...]

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Trucking company Forward Air said its ransomware incident cost it $7.5 million

The sum was described as a loss of revenue from its LTL (less-than-load) trucking business and not costs incurred from dealing with the incident. The losses stemmed "primarily because of the Company's need to temporarily suspend its electronic data interfaces with its customers," Forward Air said in SEC documents filed today. The ransomware incident, which took place on December 15 last year and [...]

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Ransomware attacks now to blame for half of healthcare data breaches

Almost half of all data breaches in hospitals and the wider healthcare sector are as a result of ransomware attacks according to new research.Ransomware gangs are increasingly adding an extra layer of extortion to attacks by not only encrypting networks and demanding hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in bitcoin to restore them, but also stealing sensitive information and threatening [...]

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Some ransomware gangs are going after top execs to pressure companies into paying

A new trend is emerging among ransomware groups where they prioritize stealing data from workstations used by top executives and managers in order to obtain "juicy" information that they can later use to pressure and extort a company's top brass into approving large ransom payouts. ZDNet first learned of this new tactic earlier this week during a phone call with a company [...]

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Ryuk gang estimated to have made more than $150 million from ransomware attacks

The operators of the Ryuk ransomware are believed to have earned more than $150 million worth of Bitcoin from ransom payments following intrusions at companies all over the world. In a joint report published today, threat intel company Advanced Intelligence and cybersecurity firm HYAS said they tracked payments to 61 Bitcoin addresses previously attributed and linked to Ryuk ransomware attacks. "Ryuk receives a [...]

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FBI warns of Egregor ransomware extorting businesses worldwide

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has sent a security alert warning private sector companies that the Egregor ransomware operation is actively targeting and extorting businesses worldwide. The FBI says in a TLP:WHITE Private Industry Notification (PIN) shared on Wednesday that Egregor claims to have already hit and compromised more than over 150 victims since the agency first observed this malicious [...]

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Ransomware forces hosting provider Netgain to take down data centers

Cloud hosting and IT services provider Netgain was forced to take some of their data centers offline after suffering a ransomware attack in late November. Netgain offers hosting and cloud IT solutions, including managed IT services and desktop-as-a-service environments, to companies in the healthcare and accounting industry. In a series of emails sent to customers and seen by BleepingComputer, Netgain states that they were victims [...]

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