Why IT needs to lead the next phase of data science

Most companies today have invested in data science to some degree. In the majority of cases, data science projects have tended to spring up team by team inside an organization, resulting in a disjointed approach that isn’t scalable or cost-efficient. Think of how data science is typically introduced into a company today: Usually, a line-of-business organization that wants to make more data-driven decisions hires a data scientist to create models for its specific needs. Seeing that group’s performance improvement, another business unit decides to hire a data scientist to create its own R or Python applications. Rinse and repeat, until every functional entity within the corporation has its own siloed data scientist or data science team.

Proactive vs Responsive AI: Which One Protects Against Major Modern Adversaries in Cybersecurity?

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are terms that constantly get thrown around in cybersecurity to the point where they’ve got a bad reputation due to false promises. However, as we move into a future with advanced adversaries that are also utilizing AI technology, the only option we have is to understand what distinguishes the good from the bad, and [...]

Cyberattack Planner – Part 2 – Privacy and Data Security

For all small companies, data protection is important. Data about consumers and companies, payment information, personal details, bank account records - it is always difficult to replace all this information if it is missing and risky in the hands of cybercriminals. It is catastrophic to lose data due to events like a flood or fire but losing it to hackers or [...]

Cyberattack Planner – Part 1 – Network Security

To secure your business's community is made up of: (one) determining each contacts and equipment on the system; (two) establishing borders in between your business's others and systems; as well as (three) enforcing control buttons to make certain that unauthorized entry, misuse, or maybe denial-of-service functions could be thwarted or even quickly found as well as recovered from in case they [...]

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Half of antivirus products ineffective against ‘well-known’ threats

The latest research from the UK based security testing firm SE Labs has discovered that the antivirus products from numerous well known brands neglect to handle 100% of public threats effectively. While antivirus products from Kaspersky, McAfee and Microsoft done the very best of the fourteen products tested by the firm, fewer compared to one half of the other items were totally [...]

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