13 Layers

bblfshd is an open source self-hosted server for source code parsing. In bblfshd before commit 4265465b9b6fb5663c30ee43806126012066aad4 there is a “zipslip” vulnerability. The dangerous handling of symbolic links in an unpacking routine may enable attackers to read and/or write to arbitrary locations outside the designated target folder. This issue may lead to arbitrary file write (with same permissions as the program running the unpack operation) if the attacker can control the archive file. Additionally, if the attacker has read access to the unpacked files, he may be able to read arbitrary system files the parent process has permissions to read. For more details including a PoC see the referenced GHSL-2020-258. (CVSS:5.5) (Concluding Update:2021-08-24)

13 Layers Managed Security Services