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Tremor is an event processing system for unstructured data. A vulnerability exists between versions 0.7.2 and 0.11.6. This vulnerability is a memory safety Issue when using `patch` or `merge` on `state` and assign the result back to `state`. In this case, affected versions of Tremor and the tremor-script crate maintains references to memory that might have been freed already. And these memory regions can be accessed by retrieving the `state`, e.g. send it over TCP or HTTP. This requires the Tremor server (or any other program using tremor-script) to execute a tremor-script script that uses the mentioned language construct. The issue has been patched in version 0.11.6 by removing the optimization and always cloning the target expression of a Merge or Patch. If an upgrade is not feasible, a workable workaround is to avoid the optimization by introducing a temporary variable and not immediately reassigning to `state`. (CVSS:0.0) (Concluding Update:2021-09-17)

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