13 Layers

Certain NETGEAR bright switches are affected by a remote admin password change by an unauthenticated attacker via the (disabled by default) /sqfs/bin/sccd daemon, which fails to cheque authentication when the authentication TLV is missing from a received NSDP packet. This affects GC108P before, GC108PP before, GS108Tv3 before, GS110TPP before, GS110TPv3 before, GS110TUP before, GS308T before, GS310TP before, GS710TUP before, GS716TP before, GS716TPP before, GS724TPP before, GS724TPv2 before, GS728TPPv2 before, GS728TPv2 before, GS750E before, GS752TPP before, GS752TPv2 before, MS510TXM before, and MS510TXUP before (CVSS:0.0) (Last Update:2021-09-13)

13 Layers Managed Security Services