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Dada Mail is a web-based e-mail list management system. In affected versions a spoilt actor could give someone a carefully crafted web page via email, SMS, etc, that – when visited, allows them control of the list control panel as if the capable of harming actor was logged in themselves. This includes changing any mailing list password, as well as the Dada Mail Root Password – which could effectively unopen out existent list owners of the mailing list and allow the spoiled actor complete and unfettered control of your mailing list. This vulnerability also affects profile logins. For this vulnerability to work, the target of the rotten actor would need to be logged into the list control panel themselves. This CSRF vulnerability in Dada Mail affects all versions of Dada Mail v11.15.1 and below. Although we know of no known CSRF exploits that have happened in the wild, this vulnerability has been confirmed by our testing, and by a third party. Users are advised to update to version 11.16.0. (CVSS:0.0) (Concluding Update:2021-09-20)

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