CyberSecurity Webinar exclusively for CEOs

Please join us for a CyberSecurity Webinar on Monday August 9th at 11:00am EST. This event will be brief and to the point – 25 minutes followed by Q&A – and is specifically tailored to CEOs. This is NOT a technical webinar. It is a short education on the sophistication of today’s attacks, why traditional solutions are failing, and how to protect yourself moving forward. CyberSecurity is a board-level concern – this webinar will arm you with the right information to improve your security posture.

Five Things CEOs will learn in this webinar by 13 Layers

  • Ransomware 101 – A high level of how attackers operate.
  • Avoiding solutions confusion. Understanding the difference between Proactive and Reactive security controls.
  • How to extract more value out of the security tools you are currently using.
  • Asking the right questions in order to hold your security teams and third party security vendors accountable, thus protecting your organization.
  • Ignoring the security labor shortage and empowering your IT and Security teams to do more with less

    Five Things CEOs should Know about Cybersecurity

  • Cyber-attacks and security breaches will occur and will negatively impact your business. Today, the average cost of the impact of a cyber breach is $8.2 million.
  • The attacker has been inside of networks for an average of 280 days undetected before the actual data breach occurs.
  • In 100% of successful cyber attacks, reactive controls like Firewall, Antivirus, SIEM, etc. were bypassed with ease.
  • Cyber liability insurance premiums are significantly increasing in cost and often do not cover all of the damages caused by a cyber breach.
  • To achieve real information security and data resilience it is vital to combine proactive offensive security with more traditional reactive security tools (SIEM, SOC, etc).


Aug 09 2021


11:00 am - 11:30 pm


13 Layers Webinar Space
13 Layers


13 Layers
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