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threatINTELLIGENCE is an inline real-time detection and prevention Managed Security Service for total network protection.

Intelligence is fed back to into your existing security solutions making them stronger. Schedule a demo to find out how

For years, the approach to cyber security has been reactive. Today’s market is full of reactive solutions in just two categories:

  1. Traditional security controls that rely on blacklists, rules and signatures.
  2. AI and Machine Learning technologies that rely on analysis of malicious traffic after it has entered the network

There are serious problems with this approach that have resulted in data breaches costing trillions of dollars:

  • 100% of all major data breaches that have occurred were using security solutions in both categories above.
  • The average attack executes in less than 30 seconds.
  • They are looking in the wrong places!
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Our Way

Real time, INLINE, detection and prevention
– Human intervention not needed
– Network speeds increased by removing malicious traffic

– Your current solutions learn from threatINTELLIGENCE
Proprietary detection mechanism eliminates AI learning phase



– Analyzes data via cloud and/or network mirror
– Deeper analysis must be done by humans
– From attack to remediation = minimum 30 Minutes

– Gathered AFTER traffic has entered the network
– AI and/or Machine Learning takes time to learn the environment

Managed Security Services

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessments

Virtual CIO / CISO

Security Awareness Training

Incident Response

Simulated Phishing

  • Powered by ThreatShield Security

  • Built the black network for Coca-Cola industries
  • 26 data points collected worldwide
  • Active member of the FBI private sector
  • Protected the recipe of Coca-Cola for 8 years

  • Security appliance approved by FDLE

  • Never been breached
  • 15+ years in cybersecurity

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