Security Awareness and Phishing Training

Establishing a strong security awareness program is necessary in today’s environment. With the rise of new threats and compliance mandates, all organizations need to make sure their employees are trained to do their part in keeping your company secure.

Is Your Team Threat Aware?

In the current operational landscape, information security is the responsibility of everyone, from the CEO to the hourly employees. From cybersecurity threats to regulatory requirements and more – organizations must address this issue if they want their business protected from risks that could be devastating in today’s world of high-tech crime.


of employees say they have clicked on a phishing email at work


of data breaches were due to the human element


of employees are "very" certain they have made a security related mistake at work


of IT Leaders rely on employees to alert them to security incidents


Pre-built Phishing Emails and Scenarios

Save time and money with pre-built phishing emails and other advance tools.

Easy-to-use Interface

No training needed to conduct social engineering testing.

Automated Workflow

Save time and resources through the menu driven system.

Comprehensive Reporting

Get the data you need to identify security weaknesses.

Role Based Capabilities

Customize your training for different roles and departments

Software-as-a-Service Model

No hardware or software to buy or maintain.


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Learning Management System

With threatAWARE’s integrated, SCORM-compliant LMS, you can easily train users. The freedom to choose between third-party integration or the threatAWARE API means that your training will be as intuitive as possible for them. Check out our information page now to learn about this award-winning learning management system.

Security Awareness

ThreatAWARE is the best way for organizations to implement a comprehensive security awareness training program. Any organization can use ThreatAWARE software to train, test, and remediate their employees, contractors, partners, vendors about security policies.

Phishing Simulations

Phishing Tests are vital to determine how safe your organization is. threatAWARE’s phishing simulator provides the features needed for realistic testing, accomplished through a user-friendly interface. Conduct Periodic drills with little effort, assess where your employees need more training, and tailor training based on their needs!

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Managed Cybersecurity Testimonials


We called him (Justin) from our car and he answered right away. He put a team together after an hour and a half. The task force from 13 Layers were on top of it and they took care of us before we even had the time to speak about money. The way they approached the [process], I was sure that it would cost us much more than that…. We were able to come back to normal operations within a couple of days, and the way they handled it was amazing. It’s rare to see anybody be able to react almost immediately. We hadn’t even taken care of any money or signed anything yet, and I came in the next morning and these guys from Kentucky were already going! The box was here within 48 hours. We were able to come back to normal operations within a couple of days, and the way they handled it was amazing.   Full Video Review Here

International Sign Company

We are honored to recommend 13 Layers to provide cyber threat security.  They have been providing outstanding service to our organization for the past three years.  The protection of cyber threats to any organization is critical to the day-to-day business and to protect data and resources. The threats are continual, and 13 Layers stops the attempted breaches on a daily basis. We have never had a breach. We trust them emphatically for our security requirements.  We unequivocally recommend you select 13 Layers as your cyber security company.

United States Government

Our company was cyber-attacked with a very sophisticated Banking Trojan Virus.  The virus attempted to gain access to our servers through our individual PC’s.  Once deployed, it was a battle for 120 straight hours to protect our data.  FINALLY,  one of our staff members pulled me aside and his exact words, “this will require a level of expertise that will far exceed 98% of the industry people you will find to rectify this issue, but I know a company in that 2% and they called 13 Layers.” Immediately, I made the call to 13 Layers at 10:00 pm at night. Within the hour, the 13 Layers team were remotely logged in working on the issue.  Within 4 hours, our main threat had been limited. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know why. I immediately hired 13 Layers. The industry knowledge, accessibility, detailed reports, and thorough explanation put my mind at ease.  I truly owe a lot more than just the bill I received from 13 Layers.

National Finanical Institution

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