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From the perimeter to the endpoint

Our time-tested layered approach to security arises from the desire to cover for the failings of each component by combining all of them into a single, comprehensive strategy, the whole of which is greater than the sum of its parts.

This allows for prioritization of budget to be allocated to the most important layers first and for our clients to achieve level 5 maturity status as quickly as possible.


We are honored to recommend threatINTELLIGENCE to provide cyber threat security. They have been providing outstanding service to our organization for the past three years. The protection of cyber threat to any organization is critical to the day to day business and to protect data and resources. The threats are continual and threatINTELLIGENCE stops the attempted breaches on a daily basis. We have never had a breach. We trust the emphatically for our security requirements. We unequivocally recommend you select threatINTELLIGENCE as your cyber security company.

Steven McLeary, US Army
Felix presented at our Annual conference in September 2019 for the Florida Collectors Association. His information and presentation was on target, needed, and his expertise is unquestionable. We can’t thank you enough and I would recommend anyone looking to proactively head off intrusions into your networks or do a threat assessment give him a call.
Matt Kiefer, Florida Collectors Association

I worked with Felix during our stint at Comtech, and I can honestly say he is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. His knowledge of security concepts is unparalleled, and his forward thinking regarding threats and threat mitigation put him at the cutting edge of information security. His ideas and insight make him a pioneer in information technology, and his innovative thinking always results in a sound solution. In addition to a wealth of technical knowledge, Felix is a genuine people person, taking great interest in those around him and only looking to help others succeed. I would work with Felix again in a heartbeat.

Daniel Barry, Schellman Company

Felix is one of the top Cyber Security experts in the world. His experience with the FBI and securing fortune 1000 companies provides him with a unique set of tools and experience to apply to any size business or organization. He has a 12 step process to secure any network from ransom ware or any malicious attack. A true security professional.

Jim Althouse, Managed IT Services

Felix is the most knowledgeable, reliable, passionate, caring person in the field. He has an impressive background and years of experience in the field. We are very happy with his services. He also happens to have a big hart. And he really truly cares about his customers. He is a team leader.

Valentina Tarozzi, Large Law Firm

Felix is an extremely knowledgeable resource to have on a team and a dedicated security professional. We’ve found that where many other companies offer compliance solutions focusing only on remediation or focusing only on penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, Felix was able to provide both testing and remediation and help us maintain compliance with our client contracts and understand and improve our security posture. For compliance efforts requiring penetration testing and remediation, Felix delivers Phenomenal documentation and practical guidance across multiple compliance framework domains.

Billy Anglin, Franco Signor

Managed Security Services

Reinforce your team and expand your defense with managed detection and prevention programs provided by specialists with years of frontline experiences and backed by threat intelligence collected worldwide.

We provide 24×7 emergency management for the elimination of threats and root cause analysis, which removes time for recovery.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a managed attack simulation that helps to detect vulnerability to device, network, and operating system failures. By finding vulnerabilities before opponents, you will enforce defense techniques to defend your sensitive systems and knowledge.

Our protection experts have a documented procedure which is continually revised with new methods and vulnerabilities. The attack scenario always starts with passive profiling to map the target network, and then steadily escalates.  Deficiencies in configuration and unstable networks are abused to obtain insecure or privileged access to the device. Throughout the evaluation, 13 layers will collaborate with you to identify suitable target systems and keep you up to date on the success of the attack. A short review report issued on the last day of research identifies all bugs found and the affected devices.

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Vulnerability Assessments

Technical vulnerabilities are by far the most crucial areas of threat. Unsecure operating systems, vulnerabilities in third-party software, open ports, and errors in configuration will all result in a breach.

Daily scans help find the flaws that make it possible for attackers to infiltrate your network and own it. Our security consultants will help discover these flaws in the company and suggest the right plan of action to fix them.

Vulnerability assessments utilize automated jobs to systematically scan networked devices for known vulnerabilities, typically compiled from CVE (common vulnerability and exposures) along with default/open credentials. Simple scripts can also be loaded to perform brute force password guessing attempts. The goal is to assess critical security risks and vulnerabilities and report findings.

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Virtual CIO / CISO

Virtual CISO offers superior security experts to organizations needing compliance training and direction. Our team of specialists has decades of experience in the development of security programs, which function with corporate strategy and which demonstrate a dramatic increase in efficiency.

A effective Virtual CISO program includes data from risk assessment and disaster response. It is vital to understand the functionality of your security protocols so that we understand where you’ll have to give emphasis.

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Simulated Phishing

By training your employees to detect and report on social engineering risks, phishing simulations guard your business. Cyber criminals make use of phishing, the fraudular effort in e-mail messages to access information that is confidential, such as credit card data and login information. Phishing mail is also used for spreading malware and spyware through links or appendices which can steal data and coordinate other malicious tasks.

Simulation of phishing enables staff to recognise, avoid and detect future threats that can exploit confidential business activities and processes, including phishing, malware, ransomware, and spyware.

Reduce cyber threat risks by implementing powerful phishing simulations as part of your security awareness training solution.

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Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity awareness preparation is the most effective way to teach your workers how to improve the human element in your company’s protection. It has shown to improve risky IT habits of workers and to improve the power of organizations against attacks, leading to safety compromises—including financial, intellectual property, customer trust and other major data losses.

In the context of a wider security awareness scheme, ongoing security awareness training is more beneficial, rather than a once-in-a-time occurrence. Training and the program, in new, technologically dependent organisations, are important to develop a culture of security.

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Managed Security Services

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessments

Virtual CIO / CISO

Security Awareness Training

Incident Response

Simulated Phishing

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  • Built the black network for Coca-Cola industries
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  • Active member of the FBI private sector
  • Protected the recipe of Coca-Cola for 8 years

  • Security appliance approved by FDLE

  • Never been breached
  • 15+ years in cybersecurity

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