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When your business gets attacked, it can be very intimidating, very frustrating and, well, to put it in the simplest terms, downright scary. When you call 13 Layers, we aren’t going to hold your hand, we aren’t going to let you cry on our shoulder. Our incident response team is going to call you, get the facts and go to work.

We have dealt with every threat, threat actor and situation there is. We know what, how and when to do what needs to be done

Through our state-of-the-art networking, discovery, and forensic resources, we support your current tools and processes. A smoother, more powerful response is produced by our consistency. Throughout our response execution, we retain a clear position.

Find out more about our services

The 13 Layers Incident Response Process

13 Layers Incident Management mechanisms and technology help organizations quickly take control of a security compromise scenario, minimize risk and secure records, applications and operations. We are able to manage incidents remotely or “on the ground” based on the urgency and nature of the situation. Our procedure methodically assumes ownership of the event and eventually maintains order and routine business activities.

Managed Security Services

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessments

Virtual CIO / CISO

Security Awareness Training

Incident Response

Simulated Phishing

  • Powered by ThreatShield Security

  • Built the black network for Coca-Cola industries
  • 26 data points collected worldwide
  • Active member of the FBI private sector
  • Protected the recipe of Coca-Cola for 8 years

  • Security appliance approved by FDLE

  • Never been breached
  • 15+ years in cybersecurity