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Is your network and security architecture prepared to withstand a Ransomware attack?

Unlike a manual penetration test, a ransomware simulation can be deployed and run from any machine in the network.

A ransomware attack simulation will give you a deeper understanding of how your network:

is seen by an attacker from the inside

tracks against the Zero Trust eXtended framework

maps against advance persistent threats (APT) and MITRE ATT&CK

As ransomware attacks continue to evolve and become more complex, ransomware is quickly becoming a top concern for security leaders. The ransomware threat landscape has diversified and evolved since the first reported ransomware incident in 1989. With more than 400 ransomware families to date, the world is in the grips of a new epidemic. These attacks are growing increasingly more sophisticated and dangerous. Upward of half a million people are hit by these attacks every year. 13 Layers will collaborate with your organization to simulate sophisticated ransomware attacks, using our custom-built attack and breach simulation technology. We will even help you train and develop your own playbooks to react accordingly.

Let us help you measure your ransomware prevention and detection capabilities and learn where gaps exist in your security program

13 Layers ransomware attack simulation will give you the opportunity to test your cyber resilience and ransomware preparedness. We also offer ransomware prevention training to help you understand ransomware and ransomware defense strategies, including ransomware incident response preparation and ransomware cyberattack mitigation.


Command Line Interface, Execution through module or API, Powershell, Scripting


.bash, account creation, hidden files/directories, local job scheduling, PowerShell profile, Schedule Tasks

Defence Evasion

BITS jobs, Clear command history, File deletion, File permissions escalation, Signed script proxy execution

Credential Access

Brute force, Credential dumping, Private keys, Mimikatz


Account discovery, Remote system discovery

Lateral Movement

Remote services exploits, Hash passing, Remote file copy, Remote services


Data from local machine

Command and Control

Connection and Multi-hop proxies, Uncommon port access


Over command and control channel

Managed Security Services

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessments

Virtual CIO / CISO

Security Awareness Training

Incident Response

Simulated Phishing

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  • 26 data points collected worldwide
  • Active member of the FBI private sector
  • Protected the recipe of Coca-Cola for 8 years

  • Security appliance approved by FDLE

  • Never been breached
  • 15+ years in cybersecurity