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A full Vulnerability and Risk Assessment analyzes policies, procedures, architecture, configurations, hardware and software to identify potential strategic cyber security threats and the potential consequences of exploitation for both IT and OT systems.

Scope of Assessment


  • Comprehensive IT policy review

  • Disaster recovery plan review

  • Business continuity plan review

  • Device and media control policy review

  • Security incident procedure review

  • Log monitoring process review

  • Workforce security policy review

  • Workforce “hire and fire” policy review

  • Risk management process review


  • Backup power, UPS and generator capacity

  • Facility cooling capacity and redundancy

  • Server wiring and cabling

  • Server rack infrastructure

Application Scanning

  • Discovery of all internal web applications

  • Application vulnerability assessment

  • Application server vulnerability scanning

Servers & Systems

  • Server inventory including detected OS’s
  • Server vulnerability reports
  • Server resource utilization

  • Server backup processes

  • Redundancy / high availability configuration
  • Anti-virus/anti-malware systems
  • IT asset inventory processes

  • Server update processes
  • Identity and authentication systems

Information Security

  • Sensitive data inventory

  • Data classification

  • Data risk analysis

  • Data encryption review

  • Access authorization procedures access controls


  • Complete network discovery mapping
  • Discovered network inventory list

  • Internal network device vulnerability scan
  • External network device vulnerability scan
  • Firewall vulnerability scan
  • IDS/IPS review
  • Spam filtering review
  • Web filter device review
  • Data loss prevention systems review

Managed Security Services

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessments

Virtual CIO / CISO

Security Awareness Training

Incident Response

Simulated Phishing

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  • Security appliance approved by FDLE

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  • 15+ years in cybersecurity